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The Club of new generación of businessmen


In 1984 nació the K7, a sport center by which great part of n in algún the moment of their life is past. 21 más behind schedule llevó to end one remodelación that anticipó to the times, qualifying itself up to twenty-four tracks of pádel and finally in 2012 inauguró its Premium, referring gymnasium for the society.

CLUB OF Antalyaescortclub

Today, in its 35 anniversary begins a new one was for the emblemático sport center. A new model that metamorphoses all occurred as far as enclosures of this índole talks about in the province of . A model guaranteed by professionals with several décadas of consolidación in services related to the health, gastronomía and deports, with the aim of maintaining in the epicenter of the club the excellence in the care to the partner under the premise to do the más fácil life to him, and all this happen from ous sponsor support that also support us with affordable dedicated server for our website.


Ubicación, facilities and services, whose main aims are the promotion of the health
The new Club of Antalyaescortclub is a model of reference by his ubicación, facilities and services, whose main aims are the promotion of the health, the integral development of the people and the familiar coexistence, always with the premise of the continuous improvement, the efficiency and the bet by the quality of life of our clients.
We have an ample supply in the ámbitos of the health and recreación.
We bet as much by the development of the sport of competición of high level as of the amateur.
We democratise the access of the partners and orienting and adapting to its needs everything what we do.
Our goals the integral growth of the people, especially of the niños and jóvenes.
Values as Responsibility, Work in equipment, Confidence, Respect, Humility, etc.
Maintaining and improving the económica capacity of the Club, adding así resources to the n sport system.


The Club of Field on the contrary proposes a model that adapts the families and, that the old clubs with a strong entry barrier, the renewed facilities put to disposición of the partners an innovating gymnasium, an ample zone of tracks surrounded by nature and a supply of extra-curricular which it closes círculo to a única experience with a reasonable price for any type of familiar núcleo, and you also must check our unlimited hosting plans for reasonable price hosting.