The newsNew APP Club of Antalyaescortclub

20 March, 2020

We would have liked to share this with all you in the club but seen the situation we communicated to you this way that we have new APP. This new tool is going to serve to us as communication with you, so that you know everything what occurs in the club, the last news, the menus of the restaurant, the events that we are going to realise as well as the photos and videos result of the accomplishment of the same, created specific groups based on your tastes (crosssport, equipment padel, running,€¦), and many other things that we will be telling to you.

You can as much unload it in Android as in IOS.

Once installed, you have two options to accede:

1- If you have given in the club the mail, you only must accede to app, from the connection of €œI do not have account to register to me€ and to follow the steps to finish the registry. Also you can accede of way online from the URL

2- If you have not given to the mail or not it recordais, to send email to and we will register to you in the APP.

We see ourselves in Club of Field K7!