The newsTogether we can!

25 March, 2020

Dear family, as you know we are closed following the directives decreed by the n Catalan Autonomous Government on the occasion of the COVID-19.  The re-opening of the club will communicate by the ordinary routes (new APP, social email and networks). We want to make clear that the club is committed not to acquire the days in which he remains closed reason why quota will not go some until that moment. All that we compose the equipment Club of Field we hoped that you are all and of heart very well we hoped that we can see us soon and enjoy together our club.

To remember that in our channel of Youtube, in social networks as much of the club as of the equipment, as well as in new the APP, you can see training sessions, activities for but the small ones, as well as another type of contents that help us to happen this together.

An enormous greeting.

It is the original class with bar and discs that all the body fortifies and tones. In a BODYPUMP session you work the main muscular groups using the best exercises of the room of fitness as, for example, squats, presses, elevations and curls.