The newsYou are preparations for the return?

10 May, 2020


During all these weeks we have continued working in our facilities as much to reform and to update the Club as to prepare it to the conditions of use established by the sanitary authorities.

In the first place this week we will open to the tracks of padel and tennis to play of individual way as well as the terrace of the restaurant. In agreement it is developed the de-escalation and the measures of the authorities therefore arrange it we will extend the services available, always with the measures of suitable protection and security so that you can enjoy your club the principles confidence and tranquillity. The reserves will be as of the next Wednesday and for it will be necessary to do the same by the APP or the Web of the club (Monday we will share information of how doing it).

Also we told some you of the activities that we have realised, although we will tell them to you on but detail in next publications:

  • Complete initial disinfection of all the facilities.
  • Clothes preparation, cleaning and disinfection.
  • New deck landing projector sight with technologies LED.
  • Preparation and extension of the zone of terrace of the Restaurant.
  • Preparation of the gymnasium and the equipment to leave distances of 1 ' 5-2 meters between each of them.
  • Preparation of pavilion, outer room of cycling and zones for the development of the directed activities.
  • Installation of points of cleaning and disinfection as much at the entrance of the club as in the stays to use: restaurant, gymnasium, tracks.
    • Pulverizing disinfectant.
    • Dispenser of paper with a wastebasket to deposit the exhausted.
    • Dispenser of gel disinfectant of hands.
  • Organization and se±al©tica of the club for better organization during the stay in the same.

If you need any explanation you do not doubt in contacting with us in the mail €œ€, by WhatsApp in the 669592304 or the APP of the club.

We hoped to you!