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15 November, 20191

In the world of the bike always one has worked using the cardiac frequency as tool to measure the intensity of the training. For some time the training by watts is in mouth of all, more and more and more cycling they settle a measurer of power in its bikes. 

We are going to detach why the training by watts is interesting and in the future not very distant it will become obligatory for many.

  1. Better control and management of the effort: With the use of a power measurer we are able to regulate our efforts. In addition, we can know at what moment we go over our limits and to know clearly if soon we will have to pay an extra effort or if we can maintain those watts during long time.
  2. Better regulation of the training loads: With a power measurer we will be able to exactly make some series like the planned thing and from the first moment we will be working within the established plan. This is a breakthrough respect the classic training by pulsations. With him, the specific work was more difficult and it was not very clear if the series began when we reached the demanded pulse or although the series began really before.
  3. Greater reliability: the power measurers are more trustworthy at the time of interpreting the efforts that the pulsations. The cardiac frequency can be seen affected by many factors: fatigue, stress, lack of dream, etc. With the potentiometers the scientific analysis of the generated values has become a really useful aspect. Software that we handled is much more necessary with the watts that with the pulse at the time of quantifying the service load: TSS, CTL, IF, etc.
After seeing all the advantages train by watts, you are arranged to let pass the opportunity to begin to give a turn to your way of training?
They see Watts Lab in the Club of Antalyaescortclub and we began!

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