Blog14 Advice of nutrition for these Christmases

23 December, 2019

To all it happens to us that at this time of year we have days of excesses in the meals or dinners with our relatives and friendly. But he is really this reason why we got fat? , you want to know tips that they help you to plan a more healthful feeding? Next, we told 14 keys you of our dietician Jessica Mulet that they will help you to eat better, not only in Christmases but also the rest of year.


  1. Myth: in Christmas it is fattened because it is time of excesses in the feeding
    Reality: the celebrations are 5 days (24, 25, 31 of December and 1 and 6 of January), is not fattened to eat of plus those precise days. What matters is the habit that you have during the rest of the days.
  2. You do not hope to January to correct your feeding. It begins already, although feared Christmases come. Dietician goes to a Dietista, that will help you to plan the meals and events so that you take the reins from your health from already.
  3. It enjoys the Christmas atmosphere and the company. The important thing is not the food. It looks for activities with family or friendly that do not concentrate in only eating.
  4. Although it has eaten in excess, is not necessary to eat it everything. It does not pass anything to leave food in the plate.
  5. The best way of not falling in the temptation to eat nougats or pies is not to have them at home. Reserve them to share sometimes special.
  6. After an abundant eater you do not have to make compensations, if not to return to eat of healthful form when you are hungry.
  7. Before eating ask to you: I am real hungry, or is gluttony? It is important to learn to differentiate them.
  8. You do not jump any previous food to an event. From this form you will not arrive with hunger and you will be able to control more what commas.
  9. So important it is what you eat as which you move. It spends time to exercise, it gives a stroll to you with family or friendly, it sees walking or it practices your favorite sport.
  10. Planning, first of all. If a indicated date worries to you, Dietician goes to your Dietista, that will help you to make the best elections or that is to say manage that moment, so that you only concentrate in enjoying the day.
  11. You do not cook as much amount, since it always ends up exceeding eaten and that urges to eat without being hungry. I know foresighted, if rep¡rtela between the assistants exceeds food.
  12. You do not forget to fill the pantry of healthful options, as fresh fruits and vegetables, meats or fish of quality, milky vegetables, eggs and.
  13. Ten prepared healthful options of I peck, in case you receive visit at home. There is more life beyond polvorones and nougats. You do not forget to have in the pantry olives, fruits droughts (toasted or to the natural one), conserves€¦
  14. You can prepare your own nougat of healthful form:

Total time: 30 min, rest 4h. You will need: a rectangular mold.

Ingredients: 200g of black chocolate (minimum purity 70%), 125g of crude almonds, 30 ml of olive oil and one salt pinch.

The almonds you can toast them or buy them toasts already.


It toasts the almonds: ponlas to boil during 10 minutes, retires them of the fire and cools them with water. When they are dry retires the skin to them.

It preheats the furnace to 150ºC, and extends the almonds on a film. Leave them until they acquire a toasted color. While, it melts the chocolate to the Maria bathroom. Later, it distributes the almonds on the mold and spills the chocolate, so that it is distributed uniformly. It lets cool in the refrigerator some 4 hours. You can add.