The newsWe see Monday!

29 May, 2020

Good afternoon family!

We are very happy to communicate to you that we are preparations for the return. If this next Monday our pass is decreed to phase 2 we will be able to open the doors of the gymnasium and the directed activities and already you will be able to enjoy your facilities.

From the day of the closing we have been updating and reforming the facilities and preparing them for the fulfillment of the sanitary norm so that you can use them with total security and tranquillity. 

These actions are those that we commented in the Web and social networks these past weeks and that you can see here.

On the other hand, we had been two weeks open and giving to service to the activities of padel and tennis as well as terrace of the restaurant that have served to us to analyze if the measures are adapted, if we had to make some modification, improving and updating the tools and products of disinfection€¦ and so we arrived at this second phase with the experience from to have drawn for almost passed phase 1.

What is what you are going away to find? The best thing of your Club, open spaces and activities in the nature, sufficient social distance between each equipment, gaugings controlled based on the norm of this phase, initial and regularly repeated certified disinfection, equipment and measures of extra disinfection as well as equipment of cleaning throughout the opening schedule,€¦

The room of fitness has been distributed between the same room of muscle-building, the zone of cardio, the accessory room of personal training, the room 1 and room 2. All the equipment is to more than 3 meters of distance.

The directed activities that are those that but worries to the sanitary authorities will be reduced in number of classes but not in hour supply: we will have the room of cycling with the gauging restricted to 50% of the occupation, the zone of crossport totally outdoors can lodge groups of 22 people maintaining the safe distance of 2m. The activities that we realised in rooms 1 and 2 we even passed them to the pavilion and in suitable schedules outdoors in the zone of tennis where we have sufficient space so that you enjoy without thinking about it safe distances.

Thanks to the singularity of the club and to the distribution, amply we can fulfill the gaugings allowed at every moment, as much it is so you will all day have up-to-date access of the allowed gauging and the percentage of real gauging to the minute as much in the reception from the club to your arrival as in the Web. In order to reserve you can make it by telephone as much, e-mail and even 15 minutes before in the reception of the club.

The use of the card to accede is essential and to have controlled the gauging, as well as the use of towel when training and fulfilling the protocol marked by health that you will be able to see in each zone of the club.

He is advisable to take a shower at home although you can by all means do it in the club with the restricted gauging, for which we have raised a use of alternating showers and is obligatory to maintain a safe distance of 2m and to fulfill the norm established in the zone of clothes. 

We are conscious by all your calls of which you have so many desire as we of the return reason why we requested patience the first days to you and for that reason you review the gauging of the installation before coming, as well as to fulfill the security norm.

We see Monday family!