The newsProtocol of home of activity JUNE 2020

30 May, 2020

Good afternoon!

This next Monday we opened with our schedule of habitual opening of Monday through Friday of 07,00 to 23:0 and Saturdays and Sunday of 08:00 to 21:00.

In the first place we sent the schedule of activities directed of this first week to you of restoration. During the week we will observe the affluence and gaugings and we will be incorporating activities in later weeks. Please we waited for your help, as much by email to as in reception to comment your needs and as in the home of the Club we will be making an adapted schedule.

Associate you have the provisional schedule in pdf so that you can see it at the moment but tomorrow or he will be in the APP mywellness or in the link

(Kitchen mhelp in the image to unload pdf)

As you see down but we have divided to the activities in 3 great zones and the room of cycling (the only one where there will be smaller gauging of the habitual thing). The pavilion, the tennis court and the zone of crossport. All of them qualified for the practice in the same and divided in squared individual zones of 3m.

The classes of cycling when having a smaller gauging to the habitual one need previous reserve so during this first week you can as much do it by telephone in the club as sending email to

In reception and the Web you have to the up-to-date minute the gauging of the installation at every moment, so you can see before even coming and when arriving as we are. To see GAUGING.


In the room of fitness the machines are to but of 3 meters, disinfectant is necessary to use towels obligatorily as well as to use hidrogel before using the same, and whenever we change from one to another one. 

The clothes are qualified and to part to restrict the number of showers to fulfill the distances, you must maintain a distance of 2 meters in clothes.




On the part of the personnel of Club of Antalyaescortclub

  • Cleaning and integral disinfection of the center. Before opening and to each 90 closing as well as min in the changes of turn. Every week total disinfection of the center with certification of specialized company.
  • Accredited masks and gloves.
  • HidroGel disinfectant to enter and to leave the center.
  • Gauging limited and controlled to always maintain the safe distance.
  • Disinfection of the material and the equipment on the part of all our personnel. Products certificates manuals and system of microsprayer of pure chlorine dioxide.

By your part

  • To arrive precise and to train of individual way avoiding the contact with other users.
  • To try to come changed to optimize the clothes use.
  • The mask use is obligatory within the center until arriving at the zone of training and we will be able to clear it once we are safe to maintain safe distance of 2 M.s
  • You will have to use the gel disinfectant when entering and to leave the center
  • The quarter of bathroom can be used but the gauging is of a person every time.
  • To make use responsible for the times in clothes and the showers to favor the access to all.

And finally, only we can that to be thankful for the messages of intention, support, offer of help of many of you understanding the situation who we have happened and in that we again initiated the activity€¦ thank you very much from all the equipment of the Club.