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INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY with CIF B98787013 and address in Track of Ademuz Exit 7, 46980 Paternal (), Spain, is proprietor of this webpage and contended his. This society is enrolled in the Mercantile Registry of , volume 10051, folio 1, inscription 1 with V-168318 leaf.

By means of this formal declaration, INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, from now on €œCLUB OF Antalyaescortclub€, it tries to inform to usuary on our policy of protection of the privacy and confidentiality of the personal character data that the potential clients, clients or subscribers facilitate of free and voluntary form via telephone, WhatsApp, email, or through the diverse present forms in the webpage.


In agreement with the arranged thing in Statutory law 3/2018, of 5 of December, Protection of Personal Data and guarantee of the digital rights (LOPDGDD), as well as to the European Regulation of Protection of Data, (the EU) 2016/679, of 27 of April of 2016 (RGPD), INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY and its website it fulfills the effective legislation with respect to the protection of personal data and of contact of his subscribers and clients and it maintains them in the strictest confidentiality.


The person in charge of the treatment of the picked up personal data in is:

Identity: INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (under the commercial name €œCLUB OF Antalyaescortclub€)
NIF: B98787013
Mailing dress: Track of Ademuz Paternal Exit 7, 46980 (), Spain

Data of contact of the Delegate of Protection of Data:

Telephone: +34 961 38 74 00




The collection of personal character data that facilitate the interested people and their automated treatment to us has the following objectives:

  • To manage the shipment of the information that they ask for to us.
  • To manage the partner card, which includes the maintenance of the partner and the remission of e-mails or communications by any other means, within the contracted or asked for service.
  • To manage the invoices and the collections
  • To facilitate to the interested supplies of products and services of its interest, and other promotional aims between which it can be the use of his image by means of photographies or videos for the Web or accounts in social network, previous request of consent.
  • To be able to emit budgets
  • To give access to its Extranet of client
  • To improve its experience of user.

In order to fulfill these aims we elaborated a commercial profile on the basis of the facilitated information, however, decisions automated on the basis of the profiles will not be taken from the data base, although YES automated e-mails will be sent, previously programmed by the holder of the data or their suppliers of services or employees, in order to send the information regarding our offered services and commercial products through the webpage, whether are lodged in her as in platforms of third parties suppliers of this service, whenever it is had previously authorized in case of promotional shipments.


By means of the use, on the part of user, of the forms of contact and the e-mail facilitated in the webpage, the client authorizes specifically to INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY to the shipment of commercial communications ordinary and/or by email electronic and WhatsApp, in case of to be informed into clear and unequivocal way and in case in that in addition the affected user has accepted of an express way by means of the acceptance of the square or suitable option to the aim to which talks about, as well as to the foreseeable telephone contact with the purpose of to offer the services supplied in this webpage.


As long as it is necessary for the correct benefit of the services, the client is informed who INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY will be able to yield its data to third organizations for the strict and exclusive benefit of these services, always within our sector of activity and work areas. In many of these cases one will be agreements of data processings, within which their data will be protected when adopting the measures to that Art. 28 of Regulation (the EU) 2016/679 talks about.

INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY does not sell nor rents personal data of the users. However, when the service requires it, we yield the data to third parties with the only purpose of serving contracted, as in the following cases:

  • The hiring of other companies or professionals for the optimal development of the total or partial services.
  • In case in that there is authorized to use of his image or photographs for promotional aims, any third user of the Web or social networks of this organization.
  • The hiring of services of fiscal consultant's office, financial or of marketing.
  • The preparation of commercial proposals or the benefit of services carried out by collaborator.

In any case INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY forces to the company or subcontracted professional to sign a document of confidentiality of personal data to assure the confidentiality this information.

INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY will not be able to disclose personal information of the client outside the scope previously described, except identifying to the users/clients, putting themselves in touch with them or to take legal actions against whatever it was interfering in our rights. The circumstances by which INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Can yield this information are:

  • When it is necessary to stop to carry out the benefit of the service with normality.
  • When it is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, of his clients, franchise-holders or collaborator.
  • When it is required judicially to cooperate in some legal process.
  • When it is necessary to establish it a law or for the fulfillment of legal obligations.
  • When it is necessary to provide with information to a legal authority.

INNVEST Maycar recording Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY contract its virtual infrastructure according to a model of €œcomputation in the cloud€ through services of external lodging Web, agents and other companies national and international suppliers in charge of its treatment, refugees to Privacy Shield, treaty reached about European Union and EE.UU in the matter of international transferences of data. Information available in


The provided personal data in the Web will be conserved during a term of ten years from the last confirmation of interest on the part of the client.

Also they will be conserved while the contractual relation stays making them disappear at the moment at which its suppression or portability on the part of the interested one is asked for, supposed in which they will be only conserved by a time in attention to a possible exigency of responsibility on the part of the affected user, of the Public Administrations, Judges and Courts, according to has the effective norm in the matter of protection data. Once that term finalizes the data of your account will be destroyed.

When the treatment of the data is based on the consent, the data will be used for that concrete aim while it is not against or the consent is revoked and then they will be conserved during the term of prescription of the actions.


The legal base for the treatment of your data is the execution of the forms prepared in the Web that takes I end up freely marking the square of acceptance of our Policy of Privacy, which indicates that it has read and included the use that INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY makes of its data, that is to say, the fulfillment of a contract.

The legal base for the treatment of the data derived from the inscription or the acquisition of the condition of partner and for participating in the activities, for asking for some service or to accede to the facilities, is the contract.

The legal base for the treatment of the data in the case of use of any means to send commercial, advertising communications or of another type, different from the benefit of the contract is the consent.

The legal base for the treatment of the data in the case of the participation in a group of whatsapp reduced to the group of the activity in which you are participating, for purposes of informing on the news or situations to him into interest into the referred activity is the consent, informing to him about which in this case, his data of profile as well as name, message or phrase, it photographs or states can be seen by the rest of members of that group. At the moment at which the activity or the group finalizes, the group will terminate itself. At the moment at which you stop comprising of the activity of the group, it will be removed from this group by the administrator.

The legal base in the case of having accepted the square that indicates the possibility of obtaining photographies and videos with its image in the events organized by her and of publishing them in Internet through its Web and its accounts in social networks is the consent.

The consent that if so you have rendered, is always revocable.


In case of facilitating their data to us using one of the present forms in this webpage, these will travel encriptados through a safe servant, with the protocol of encryption SSL (Secure Socket Layer). However, any data transfer via Internet could be intercepted, reason why INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY cannot guarantee to the 100% security.

According to the effective legislation, INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY will keep the personal character data that have successfully obtained and will adopt the necessary measures that they guarantee a suitable and safe protection previous the mandatory analysis of risks, on the basis of the established one in Art.s 25 and 32 of Regulation (the EU) 2016/679, protecting strongly the information of the clients, the countable information and the interpersonal communications.

The personal data of subscribers, clients or potentials clients gathered for the correct benefit of the service and its pursuit, are stored in our software of management.

Also, INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY will guard at any moment by the interests of clients, potential, usuary clients, subscribers, collaborator, distributors and suppliers to protect the data of the loss, the evil use or alteration of collected.

Considering that the network of Internet is not 100% safe one, always the possibility exists of receiving a cybercafe attacks, and that third people can appropriate themselves their data, in that assumption will not be possible to us to make responsible to us of these acts, nor of the future actions that these people can carry out with the collected data.


The present webpage is not sent to juniors, reason why we solicitd explicitly to the juniors to that their legal parents or tutors consult with.

The juniors are not authorized to use our services through this Web, and they will not have, therefore, to send his personal data to us.

In case INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY at any time suspects or has certainty of the registry through this Web or contact of a minor of 18 years, will come to eliminate its data immediately.

In case of use on the part of minors of the services of this organization, it will have to if so authorize his ancestor or mother or both, or its legal representative.


The webpage uses own cookies and of third parties in all pages. The purpose of these cookies is to improve present and future the experience that we offer to the users who visit to us, so we successfully obtained information on the behavior of the users within our website.

More detailed information exists on the use of cookies in our Policy of Cookies.


The personal data that we tried in INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY come from the following sources:

  • Our own webpage
  • E-mail
  • Instantaneous mail (WhatsApp, Skype or Facebook Messenger)
  • Postal mail
  • Collaborator (Partners)

The categories of data that we tried are:

  • Identity data (full name)
  • Codes or keys of identification
  • Mailing dresses or electronic
  • Telephone/WhatsApp
  • Commercial information
  • Account number
  • Economic data
  • Special categories of data (health) of accessory form.
  • Data of minors

Also, we informed that we do not collect protected data of habitual form especially, however, if they arrived at our company data especially protected we would defend them in agreement with the effective norm and in no case they would be yielded to third parties.


The visit to our webpage and/or the hiring of the services that are exposed in her supposes, on the part of the user, the total acceptance and without reserves of the conditions set out in the present Policy of Protection of Data and our General Conditions of Hiring.

The clients and/or users of can, at any moment, exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition and portability, as well as the right to the forgetfulness their personal data communicating it in writing to INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY Track of Ademuz Exit 7, 46980 Paternal (), Spain or sending an email to In any case, it will be necessary to identify itself as titling of the data enclosing the National identity card (national identity document) of the visible interested one in the two faces, or equivalent document.

The interested people must right to accede to their personal data, to ask for the limitation in their treatment, as well as to require the rectification of the inexact data or, where appropriate, to demand their total suppression when, among others reasons, the data no longer are necessary for the aims that were picked up.

In carrying out his rights, the user will be able at any moment:

  • To accede to the personal data that INNVEST Maycar Group VLC, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY has you (straight of access).
  • To modify its personal data (straight of rectification).
  • To cancel its personal data when, among others reasons the data no longer are necessary (right of suppression).
  • To ask for the limitation of the use of its personal data on the other hand, in which case we will only conserve them for the exercise of claims (straight of limitation).
  • To be against to that we use his personal data for aims different from the contractual relation (straight of opposition).
  • To collect its personal data in a computer science file its use or to facilitate it to a third party (straight of portability).

In addition, we informed to him into the right that attends to him to make a complaint before the Authority of Control (AEPD).