The newsWhat is exactly a sport cardiological recognition?

26 November, 2019

From the month of November, the Club of Antalyaescortclub puts at the disposal of all partners the Service of Medicine and sport Cardiology through Sport Beats, specialistic organization in the accomplishment of Cardiological-sport Recognitions. For Sport it It beats has opened a clinic in our facilities, that is directed by Doctor Leonel D­az, Cardiologist specialized in Sport and by Doctor Manuel de Hevia, specialistic doctor in sport medicine.

Our objective is to as much cover your doctor-sport needs concerning health as with yield.

It is demonstrated that the sport practice is healthful, but entails some risks. It is for that reason reason why, all person who initiates a training program would have to know which is its physical state and in what conditions is before initiating it, being the doctor-sport recognition the tool that allows it. In addition, by the side of the yield, it provides all the information to us necessary to personalize our own program of training, on the basis of our physical training conditions and our sport objectives.

Therefore, the doctor-sport recognition would have to be the starting point of any person before initiating a program of physical training.


Next, we informed into the tests that compose the RCD and that you can realise in the Sport clinic Beats of the club of Field:

€“ historial sport Patient/

€“ Cardiovascular physical exploration

€“ Electrocardiogram 12 derivations in rest

€“ Ecocardiograma (ECG)

€“ Test of effort (Ergometr­a)

€“ Test effort with gases. (Ergoespirometr­a).

€“ Holter 24 h

The combination of the previous tests allows us to offer the following proposals to you of RCD based on your needs:

1. - RCD (History of the patient, physical Exploration and ECG) + Ecocardiograma (Welcome pack).

2. - RCD + test of effort.

3. - RCD + test of effort with gases.

4. - RCD + test of effort + Ecocardiograma.

5. - RCD + test of effort with gases + Ecocardiograma (She is the one that we recommended so much at preventive level as of yield by the information that contributes).

6. - Test of Effort (as complement to cardiological tests previously realised).

7. - Holter 24h.

Pass you through the clinic and our medical equipment will do a valuation and a customized proposal to you without no commitment. It enjoys 30% of discount until the 31 of December.